About Darn Us

About the company…

That Darn Computer was founded in 1999 as a computer consulting and repair business. While it was and still is a part-time business for the founder the company had evolved and changed over the years and the founder interest have changed.

The company is in 2 parts. The first one with  his ThatDarnComputer.com. This is or online presence consulting side. Web design, social network and email campains. We help with all aspects of your online presence. ThatDarnComputer.net is about web  hosting, and domain name registraion. Both divisions fall under the That Darn Computer name.

The That Darn Computer name comes from a term of frustration and a desire to seek help.  The first company logo was of a man using an ax on a computer. The current logo is a smoking laptop. We all have been there when the hardware gives out, but often our greatest frustration comes from our lack of knowledge or mistakes we make when using computers.

Let us help you with your web design and hosting needs and take that frustration away.

About the founder…

I have been using computers since 1980, the designated computer technician at work since 90′s and have been working as an Internet Support Technician since 2000. I first logged onto the Internet in 1994, and have endeavored to become an “expert” ever since.

Bob Barkey

Owner / Founder
Bob Barkey

Like many other people my first website was hosted on AngleFire and by today’s standards looked awful. I later learned about FrontPage WYSIWYG editor and started designing websites with this program. While my skills were still lacking but I was learning.

About this time I started taking serious the desire to learn HTML. I borrowed and purchased several book on HTML and learned as much as I could about it. While I would start designing the page with a WYSIWYG editor, but would then alter the source HTML code to get the page to look like I wanted it to.

I later learned about CMS programs and started using Joomla and WordPress.

I also learned to use phpBB and WikiMedia programs. I learned to work with the PHP code and alter CSS settings.

I enjoy working on website and learning by using the various applications and learning by solving problems.